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Oracle APEX: Friendly URLs not working | FIXED

So, I started both docker containers, database and ORDS. Opened up APEX and all worked well.
Then I wanted to run my application... oh oh ...

404 not found

A quick fix is to disable friendly URLs in your application properties.

But the question remains: why did it suddenly stop to work?

Checking the log of ORDS (docker logs) showed that something was wrong in:

The connection pool named: |apex|pu|

Password expired.

And, indeed, after checking some of the APEX user accounts, they were all expired.

ALTER USER ... IDENTIFIED BY ... account unlock

Applying the above statement to the APEX accounts, with the same(!) passwords they had, did not solve the problem, because there is also a ORDS_PUBLIC_USER account... also expired.
When I altered this user, the error in the ORDS log disappeared and my friendly URLs worked again.


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