I recently bought a NAS server. A cheap one, relatively. I ordered the setup with 2 x 2 TB disks. Seagates Green, sata 3 (ST2000DL003 9VT166-302, with firmware CC32). Yes, there's a lot of data to store nowadays with all these movies, pictures and music.
Guess what... it didn't work. 
The setup with SATA 3 disks can give problems, that's what Thecus support says. At first, after creating the RAID, everything seems fine, until you reboot. Than suddenly your RAID is degraded or 1 or both of the disks aren't recognized. That's just to unstable. 
In fact there's (probably) no problem if you just could set a jumper on the disk. But this green version of seagate doesn't have any jumper settings.

I'm wondering why they sell this setup....

I solved the problem by buying two Western Digitals Caviar Green 2 TB. Also not on the compatibility list of Thecus (http://www.thecus.com/Downloads/HDD_List/N2200Plus_HDD_list_2011-06-23.pdf), but currently working like a charm.

I'll hope they will return my money for the two Seagate disks.

By the way, after copying all my data to the n2200+ I'll try to install TwonkyMedia. To be continued...

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