The installed Twonky media server on my Thecus n2200+ did not store my settings. I had to fill in my license key and directories, every time I wanted to use the media server (after a reboot/power down).
I searched for a solution and I managed to create an own Twonky media server module (based on Twonky version 6.0.34) for my Thecus. Coincidence or not, but when that was finished, Thecus released there module 6.0.33.


I installed 6.0.33, but it didn't come up, not even after a reboot. Page could not be found...
Because I had build my own version, I knew there was a bug in the module.rc file where it determines the processor.
This line: processor=`cat /proc/cpuinfo | awk -F: '/^Processor/||/^processor/{print substr($2,2,4)}'`
returns for the Thecus n2000plus: ARMv
But the processor variable is only checked for ARM9
if [ "${processor}" != "ARM9" ];

This results in a script that thinks the Thecus contains a X86 processor
Adding this code solves the problem:
if [ "${processor}" == "ARMv" ];

How to change the module.rc file? I'll explain later; meanwhile, search the internet.

Settings stored?

After a reboot my settings are still available. .ts files are recognized. I'm happy.

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