I copied all my media (movies, pictures and music) to my Thecus 2200+ NAS. Then I installed Twonky Media by using the Auto Module Installation from the NAS. This installs version 1.0.0. without any problems. First thing you need to do is to register Twonky by using the license key from the CD-envelope delivered with the Thecus.
When that is done, you can further setup Twonky. No problem so far...

... but this Twonky version doesn't support much media types, at least it didn't support the .ts file format (used by Humax TV decoder to store recorded movies).

Luckely I foundĀ this. Version 6.0. Download it, unzip the .mod and install it on your NAS. Register, etc, etc. and.... yesssss, .ts works.

fyi, I'm streaming the media to a PlayStation 3.

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