I've learned my lesson well...

DON'T HIDE your one and only account with administrator rights, because you never will be able to unhide it! Because all solutions available at internet do need administrator rights. A restore or re-install is, as far as I know, the only solution. Thanx Microsoft. That's why I'm using Linux, most of the time...

I recently bought a NAS server. A cheap one, relatively. I ordered the setup with 2 x 2 TB disks. Seagates Green, sata 3 (ST2000DL003 9VT166-302, with firmware CC32). Yes, there's a lot of data to store nowadays with all these movies, pictures and music.
Guess what... it didn't work. 
The setup with SATA 3 disks can give problems, that's what Thecus support says. At first, after creating the RAID, everything seems fine, until you reboot. Than suddenly your RAID is degraded or 1 or both of the disks aren't recognized. That's just to unstable. 
In fact there's (probably) no problem if you just could set a jumper on the disk. But this green version of seagate doesn't have any jumper settings.

I'm wondering why they sell this setup....

I solved the problem by buying two Western Digitals Caviar Green 2 TB. Also not on the compatibility list of Thecus (http://www.thecus.com/Downloads/HDD_List/N2200Plus_HDD_list_2011-06-23.pdf), but currently working like a charm.

I'll hope they will return my money for the two Seagate disks.

By the way, after copying all my data to the n2200+ I'll try to install TwonkyMedia. To be continued...

The installed Twonky media server on my Thecus n2200+ did not store my settings. I had to fill in my license key and directories, every time I wanted to use the media server (after a reboot/power down).
I searched for a solution and I managed to create an own Twonky media server module (based on Twonky version 6.0.34) for my Thecus. Coincidence or not, but when that was finished, Thecus released there module 6.0.33.


I installed 6.0.33, but it didn't come up, not even after a reboot. Page could not be found...
Because I had build my own version, I knew there was a bug in the module.rc file where it determines the processor.
This line: processor=`cat /proc/cpuinfo | awk -F: '/^Processor/||/^processor/{print substr($2,2,4)}'`
returns for the Thecus n2000plus: ARMv
But the processor variable is only checked for ARM9
if [ "${processor}" != "ARM9" ];

This results in a script that thinks the Thecus contains a X86 processor
Adding this code solves the problem:
if [ "${processor}" == "ARMv" ];

How to change the module.rc file? I'll explain later; meanwhile, search the internet.

Settings stored?

After a reboot my settings are still available. .ts files are recognized. I'm happy.

How I did it

At first you need: 
- a Linux machine (install and use Ubuntu if you are not experienced with Linux)
- DROPBEAR module installed on your Thecus
- ROOTCMD module installed on your Thecus

Second,   create a key on your linux machine
> ssh-keygen

This will create a id_rsa.pub file in the hidden sub directory .ssh of your home dir. After creation open the file in an editor, you need the full content later ...

Third, open the ROOTCMD module and run the following commands in ROOTCMD
mkdir /root/.ssh
echo copy the content in id_rsa.pub here > /root/.ssh/authorized_keys
chmod a+r /root/.ssh/authorized_keys
chmod og-wx /root/.ssh/authorized_keys

Fourth, get into your Thecus as root (without entering a password) by entering the command:
ssh root@[your thecus IP address or hostname]

Fifth and last, change the password of root with the passwd command.

Remember the password!

From now on you can access your Thecus with:
ssh root@[your thecus IP address or hostname]
After a reboot, it will be asking for the root password.


I copied all my media (movies, pictures and music) to my Thecus 2200+ NAS. Then I installed Twonky Media by using the Auto Module Installation from the NAS. This installs version 1.0.0. without any problems. First thing you need to do is to register Twonky by using the license key from the CD-envelope delivered with the Thecus.
When that is done, you can further setup Twonky. No problem so far...

... but this Twonky version doesn't support much media types, at least it didn't support the .ts file format (used by Humax TV decoder to store recorded movies).

Luckely I found this. Version 6.0. Download it, unzip the .mod and install it on your NAS. Register, etc, etc. and.... yesssss, .ts works.

fyi, I'm streaming the media to a PlayStation 3.

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